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Hi friends!!

Teens platform is a place where u can pen down blogs, life instances, incidents or philosophy… hey don't get so serious, u can also write comedy incidents, memorable times… times when u were frustrated… things which u cannot share with everyone and anyone…. in ur user name!!! Post comments, or submit Ur views about the article to Ur earthly fellow mates in confusion or disparities or share their happiness or discuss philosophy with them!!!

My bad life
Submited By AnnaJoh on Novermber 24, 2016
I am too lazy to do anything. I am too lazy to bath, brush etc. I don't have a routine for sleeping and doing things. And I hate to sleep. I really have a bad life. It maybe because of this I am having bad teeth and gum. My teeth are yellow and my g ...More
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Hello guys...Sunny pazi
Submited By ankit on June 10, 2015
Question : Who is the world's most patience person...????? Ans : Sunny Leone's cameraman.
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Submited By littlesluy on March 11, 2013
hi, im new here, and omg!, i hope im not the only girl here, got this passion, o.k. ilove to pee in strange places since i remember, ido it on bathroom floors, in our carpetet livingroom under the couch(living with parents), inn mums car in the ev ...More
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Submited By rishi on December 12, 2012
haha :D
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Submited By on February 01, 2011
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don't hate me
Submited By Weetylove on February 01, 2011
there once was a girl who was deeply in love with a guy.she was a type of girl who doesn't like hurting the people around her.one day a guy she admired but hated kissed her,she honestly told her ever-loving guy about it.now her guy wants to know the ...More
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